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We would like to say a big Thank You to:
The Farmington Public Library for letting us scan obits for the web site (and for continuing to send them in). and all the library volunteers.
Most of the Obits are Clippings from area newspapers given to the Library and us by the families and friends of the deceased.
We would also like to thank Gena M Tindall Beal for the Bert Leonard Beal Archives collection.
The St. Francois County Historical Society for their contributions.
The Cape Girardeau Genealogical Society for their contribution of obits from Southeast Missouri counties
(e.g.,Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott, Stoddard and Wayne).
All the nice folks from Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, St.Francois, Ste.Genevieve, St.Louis and Washington Counties,
of Missouri for their contributions.
But most of all the families and friends of the deceased.
The information in the obituaries was not written by us.If you have reason to doubt the information in an obituary,
or want to add information, please let us know.

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Saak Saale Sabatino Sabin Sabo Sacco Sackett Sackmann Sadler Sadowski Saeger Saey Saffel Saffell Saffo Sagan Saganis Sage Sagel Sager Sago Saidogo Sailly Sailor Saladin Salamun Sale Sales Saling Salinger Salings Salisbury Sallee Sallis Salmons Salsman Saltsman Salz Samec Samnee Sample Samples Sampson Sanasac Sanchez Sancegrow Sanchegraw Sancouchie Sandberg Sandefur Sander Sanders Sanderson Sandlin Sandmeier Sandoval Sands Sanford Sang Sankey Sansegraw Sansom Sansone Sansoucie Santee Santhuff Santonge Santoyo Santschi Sanzotera Sappington Sarakas Sardyga Sarff Sargent Sarina Sarver Sassmann Satterfield Sauer Sauerhage Saulsbery Saum Sauncagrew Saunchegraw Sauncie Saunders Saurage Sauter Savage Saverance Sawdy Sawyer Sayers Sayles Saylor

Scagel Scaggs Scanlon Scantlan Scarborough Scarbrough Scarlett Scates Scearce Scego Schaaf Schaar Schack Schaefer Schaessner Schafer Schaffer Schaffner Schaible Schamel Schanda Schantl Schanz Schaper Schardan Scharf Schatte Schatz Schatzle Schauf Schaufele Schauman Schebaum Scheck Scheets Scheifer Scheihing Schek Schelich Schell Schelmbauer Schembre Schenberg Schenimann Schenk Scherer Scheuermann Schevitzky Schewe Schibbelhut Schiehing Schierhoff Schierhold Schietlin Schifferly Schild Schiller Schilli Schilling Schillinger Schilly Schindel Schindler Schirmann Schlater Schleappe Schlegel Schleiger Schlenker Schlereth Schlett Schleuter Schlichter Schliesser Schlipp Schlitt Schlorke Schloss Schlueter Schlup Schmaderer Schmalz Schmeiderer Schmelz Schmelzle Schmid Schmideskamp Schmidt Schmiedeke Schmiederer Schmiedeskamp Schmitt Schmittzehe Schmitz Schmoeller Schmucker Schmuke Schnakenberg Schnapp Schnarr Schnebelen Schneider Schneier Schnelting Schnitker Schnittker Schnitz Schnitzius Schnur Schnurbusch Schnurr Schoch Schoder Schoefer Schoelhamer Schoellkopf Schoen Schoenfeld Schoenhoff Scholbe Scholfield Scholl Schoonover Schott Schottenbauer Schoultz Schowe Schrader Schrage Schramm Schreiber Schremp Schroder Schroeder Schroer Schrom Schroth Schrum Schrumm Schuckmann Schuerman Schuermann Schuessler Schuette Schuff Schuh Schuler Schull Schult Schulte Schults Schultz Schulz Schulze Schumacher Schumer Schunk Schupmann Schurter Schutte Schuttler Schutz Schwaab Schwab Schwack Schwalbert Schwaner Schwariz Schwarten Schwartz Schwartzkopf Schweer Schweigert Schweiss Schweitzer Schwenk Schwenker Schwent Schweppe Schwerin Schwidde Schwieder Schwinegruber Sciarrino Scism Scobey Scoble Scoby Scoggin Scoggins Sconce Sconse Scopino Scothorn Scott Scoville Scowden Scroggins Scull Scully

Seabaugh Seaboalt Seaboat Seabourn Seabourne Seago Seal Seals Seaman Searcy Searfoss Sears Sease Seastrand Seaton Sebastian Sebring Sechrest Secor Secord Secrease Secrets Secunda Sedgewick Sedgwick Sedro See Seeger Seegers Seek Seel Seels Seemiller Seems Seep Seers Seevers Segadi Seger Segner Seguin Sehr Seib Seiberlich Seiberling Seibert Seibold Seidl Seidle Seifert Seiffert Seiler Seipp Seitz Seitzer Selcer Self Selhine Seliga Selinger Sellards Sellars Selle Sellers Selley Sells Selph Seltzer Selidge Selzer Semands Semar Semet Senn Sens Sensabaugh Senter Sepaugh Serini Servis Settle Settlemoir Settles Setzekorn Setzer Sevcik Sevening Severs Sewald Sewell Sexauer Sexton Seyed-Kavousi Seyfarth Seyles Seymour

Shack Shackleford Shadday Shadoin Shadrick Shafer Shaffer Shaffrey Shaner Shanklin Shanks Shanley Shannon Sharp Sharpe Sharrock Shashek Shatley Shaver Shaw Shay Shea Shearer Shearin Shearon Shearrer Shebetta Sheehan Sheeley Sheerin Sheets Shelby Sheldon Shell Shellabarger Shellenberger Shelley Shellito Shelton Shenman Shepard Sheperd Shephard Shepherd Sheppard Shepperd Sherban Sherfield Sheridan Sherlock Sherman Sherrick Sherrill Sherrod Sherwood Shetley Shettles Shewmake Shibley Shidler Shields Shinkle Shinn Shipley Shipman Shipp Shippen Shirk Shirley Shirrell Shivers Shockley Shoemake Shoemaker Shomaker Shoptaugh Shore Shores Short Shortall Shoulders Shoults Shoup Showaker Showalter Showen Showman Shrewsbury Shrum Shryock Shubert Shuey Shular Shulenberg Shuler Shults Shumake Shumate Shunk Shy

Sibole Sicka Sickendick Sickler Sickles Sickman Sickmeier Sidberry Sidebottom Sidelnik Siders Sides Sidman Sidor Sidwell Siebecker Siebels Siebert Siebke Siedentopf Siedler Siefert Siegel Siegenthaler Siegfried Siegmund Siekmann Sieve Sievers Sieving Sifford Sigala Sigelnski Sigman Sigmund Signer Sikes Sikorski Sikorsky Siliven Silkwood Silliven Silsby Silver Silverman Silvers Silvey Silvia Simane Simer Simily Simington Simino Simmerly Simmers Simmonds Simmons Simms Simnitt Simon Simonin Simons Simpkins Simpson Sims Simunek Since Sinclair Sincup Singer Singletary Singleton Sinn Sinuard Sipes Sipp Sippel Sippy Sirclum Sirkin Sisco Sisk Sisson Site Sites Sitler Sitten Sitter Sittig Sitton Sitze Sitzes Siudut Sizemore

Skagg Skaggs Skelton Skiadas Skidmore Skiles Skinner Skipper Skiver Sklar Skribis Skyles

Slade Slagg Slankard Slape Slater Slaton Slatton Slaughter Slavik Slayton Sleeth Slinkard Sliter Sloan Slocum Sloss Sloterdike Slough Slovensky Slover Slowensky Slunaker Slusher

Small Smallen Smalley Smart Smashey Smelser Smetzer Smiddy Smiley Smiljanich Smith_A_to_C Smith_D_to_F Smith_G_to_J Smith_K_to_M Smith_N_to_T Smith_V_to_Z Smithwick Smolley Smoot Smotherman Smothers Smyth

Snasdell Snead Snell Snelson Snider Snodell Snoderly Snodgrass Snow Snowbarger Snowdell Snudden Snyder

Sobba Sobeck Soden Soens Soergel Soetebier Sohn Solace Solberg Soldin Soldinski Solomon Solven Somers Somerville Sommer Sommerhalder Somogyi Son Sona Sonderman Sonntag Sonsoucie Sontag Sorbello Sorensen Sorrell Sorrells Sorrentino Sosiak Soto Souden Souder Souders Sours Southard Southerland Southern Sowder Sowers

Spahr Spain Spala Spane Spangler Sparkman Sparks Sparling Sparn Sparwasser Spatafora Spaugh Spear Spearman Spears Speck Speed Speer Speidel Spence Spencer Spengler Sperling Sperry Spicer Spickerman Spieker Spier Spiess Spiker Spindler Spink Spires Spitzmiller Spiva Spivey Splan Spoon Spraddling Spradlin Spradling Sprague Sprankle Sprauer Spray Sprenkel Spring Springer Springs Sprinkle Sprock Sprott Sproul Sprous Sprowles Spruell Spry Spurgeon Spurgin Spurlin

Squire Squires

St.Clair St.Gemme St.John St.Pierre

Staab Staats Stabener Stacey Stack Stackley Stacy Staden Stadler Stadter Staffen Stafford Staggs Stahl Stahlman Stahlmann Stahlschmidt Stair Staires Stalce Staley Stalker Stallcup Stallings Stam Stamler Stamm Stamp Stamper Stan Stancheck Standfield Standing Standley Stanek Stanfield Stanfill Stanford Stange Stanley Staples Stapleton Stapp Stark Starkey Starks Starnes Starr Starz Staten Stater Statham Statler Staton Statzel Stauber Stay Steagall Stearns Stebritz Stec Steck Steckman Steel Steele Steelman Steely Steen Steevens Steffan Steffel Steffen Stegal Stegall Steger Stegmaier Stehlin Steidel Steiger Stein Steinbach Steinbeck Steinbecker Steinc Steiner Steinfeld Steinhaufel Steinkoetter Steinmetz Steltzer Stenard Stenger Stephan Stephen Stephens_A_to_L Stephens_M_to_W Stephenson Sterard Sternard Sterrett Sterz Steurer Steuben Stevener Stevens Stevenson Stevesand Steward Stewart Stichnote Stickelmier Stickferd Stidum Stiedle Stienhans Stiern Stiger Stiles Stiller Stillman Stillwell Stilwell Stiner Stines Stinett Stinnett Stirnaman Stites Stiver Stivere Stivers Stock Stockamp Stocker Stockett Stockmann Stockton Stoddard Stoffel Stoffregen Stojek Stoker Stokes Stoll Stolle Stolte Stolz Stolzer Stone Stonecipher Stoneking Stoner Stonum Stoops Storck Storey Storie Storke Storkel Story Stother Stotler Stough Stoughton Stout Stover Stoverink Stovesand Stow Stowers Straatmann Strader Stradley Straedey Strah Strahley Strahlman Strait Stramberg Strang Strange Strasser Straszer Stratman Strattman Stratton Straub Straughan Straughn Straumann Straus Strauser Straussner Strayer Strayhorn Street Strehle Streinc Streisel Streit Stretesky Strever Stricker Stricklan Strickland Strickler Stricklin Striler Striebel Stringer Stringham Strong Stroot Stross Strothcamp Strother Stroud Stroup Stroupe Strout Strovaugh Strubbe Strubberg Strubelt Strubinger Strunk Stuart Stubbefield Stuckey Studards Studdard Stude Studley Studt Studyvin Stuesse Stuetzer Stueve Stufflebean Stuhlman Stulce Stults Stumbaugh Stumbo Stumborg Stuppy Sturgeon Sturgess Sturm Sturmfels Sturunieski Stuthers

Sublett Sucharski Sucher Suck Suda Suddarth Sudduth Sudmeyer Suedekum Suit Suiter Suits Sullens Sullentrup Sullinger Sullivan Sumakeris Summers Summerton Sumpter Sundeen Sunderman Sundhausen Sundman Suppiger Surdyke Surina Surrett Sursa Suschanke Sutherland Sutherlin Sutor Sutphin Sutterer Sutterfield Suttles Suttner Sutton

Svaglic Svendrowski

Swafford Swain Swallow Swan Swanguarim Swanguarin Swank Swanson Swaringam Swaringim Swaringin Swearengen Swearingen Sweaza Sweazea Swedberg Sweeney Sweet Swetich Swetz Swift Swindle Swindler Swiney Swinford Swinger Swink Swinney Switzer Swoape Swoboda Swofford Swope Sword Swords Swyers

Sydor Sykes Sylcox Syler Sylvester Symm Syrett

Szabo Szasz Szatko Szilveszter Sztech Szyhowski

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