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Ste. Genevieve County., Mo.

County Cemetery Maps

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The Original List was copied from. Tombstone Tours in Southeast Missouri
Published by
Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Develoment Commission
Additional Cemeteries will be added as we find them
and noted by ( * ) in the lists and on the maps.

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Ste Genevieve County Cemetery List:
Anderson Familt Cem. 69
Beckmeyer Cem. 8
Bequette Cem. 17
Biggs Cem. 64
Bloom Family Cem. 54
BockenkampCem. 6
Bolland Cem. 49
Brown Cem. 44
Calvary Cem. - Valle Spring Catholic Cem. 12
Chestnut Ridge Cem. 37
Concord Cem. 3
Creatlawn Cem. - St. Genevieve City Cem. 13
Davis Cem. 33
Doss Cem. 30
Genevieve Baptist Church Cem. 38
Gooch Cem. 63
Grady Cem. 25
Hahn Cem. - Woods Cem. 68
Haile Cem. 28
Hand Cem. 52
Haney Cem. 57
Hawthorn Cem. 66
Holy Cross Cem. 10

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Hoover Cem. 5
Horton Cem. 23
Jackson Cem. 60
Jenning Cem. 19
Kimmel Family Cem. 15
Little Vine Baptist Church Cem. 22
Mackley Cem. 21
Mange Cem. 51
Mayberry Cem. 62
McClintlock Cem. 35
McGee Cem. 31
Memoril Cem. 11
Moeller Cem. 7
Murphy Cem. 32
Name unknown 4
Name unknown 45
Name unknown 47
New Lebanon Bapist Church Cem. 2
Oakland Cem. 34
Old Coffman Plantation ( Slave Cem. )59
Old Lebanon Baptist Church Cem. 1
Our Lady of Help Catholic Cem. 39
Patterson Cem. 18
Patterson Cem. 26
Pigg Cem. 20
Pleasant Hill United Baptist Church Cem. 61

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Roth Cem. 43
Rudy Cem. 36
Sacred Heart Cotholic Church Cem. 41
Salem Cem. 55
Salem Church Cem. 24
Saline Baptist Church Cem. 50
Scott Family Cem. 46
Silver Point Cem. 67
St. Agnes Church 9
St. Catherines Cotholic Church Cem. 58
St. Joseph Coltholic Church Cem. 14
St. Lawrence Catholic Cem. 16
St. Marys City Cem. -
Immaculate Conception Catholic Cem. 42
St. Phillip and James Church Cem. 40
Stone Church Cem. 56
Taylor Cem. 29
Three Rivers Cem. 27
Voelker Cem. 48
Winters Chapel Cem. -Brushey Binle Baptist Cem. 53
Womack Methodist Church Cem. 65
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Listed below are some of the individuals who contributed information to help make this Tombstone Tour series possible.
John and LaDonna James, Bollinger County Historical Society , Sharon K. Sanders, Southeast Missourian Newspaper,
Betty L. Russell, Iron County Historical Society , William Smallen, Madison County Historical Society,
Pat Robinson, Perry County Historical Society , Yvonne Romann, Perry County Historical Society ,
Edger Dryer, Perry County ,Missouri , Jack Clay, St. Francois County Historical Society, Jimmie and Becky Boyd,
Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri , Eugene Coffman, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, Dick Griffard, Ste. Genevieve County,
Missouri, Nancy Ortega, Ste. Genevieve County, Mo., Lt. Col. C. B. Williams, Manchester, Missouri
Geraldine Sanders Smith, St. Louis, Missouri
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