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We would like to say a big Thank You to:
The Farmington Public Library for letting us scan obits for the web site (and for continuing to send them in). and all the library volunteers.
Most of the Obits are Clippings from area newspapers given to the Library and us by the families and friends of the deceased.
We would also like to thank Gena M Tindall Beal for the Bert Leonard Beal Archives collection.
The St. Francois County Historical Society for their contributions.
The Cape Girardeau Genealogical Society for their contribution of obits from Southeast Missouri counties
(e.g.,Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott, Stoddard and Wayne).
All the nice folks from Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, St.Francois, Ste.Genevieve, St.Louis and Washington Counties,
of Missouri for their contributions.
But most of all the families and friends of the deceased.
The information in the obituaries was not written by us.If you have reason to doubt the information in an obituary,
or want to add information, please let us know.

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Maack Maassen Mabe Mabery Mabuce Macalady MacArthur MacDonald MacDougall Mace Macedo MacFarlane Maciejewski Mack Macken MacKenzie Mackey Mackley Mackson Maclay Macom Macon Maddeaux Madden Maddern Maddick Maddin Maddock Maddox Maddy Madigan Madison Madonna Madry Maegher Maeis Maender Magann Magee Mager Magill Maguire Magura Maha Mahan Mahar Maher Mahler Mahn Mahoney Mahr Mahue Mahurin Maisel Maize Major Mal Malady Malaney Malawey Malcomb Mall Mallery Mallett Mallinckrodt Mallory Mallot Mallow Malloy Malon Malone Maloney Malugen Manche Manes Maness Manetzke Mangan Mangos Mangrum Manheimer Manikatos Manion Manken Mankin Manley Mann Manne Mannes Manning Manns Manolakos Mansen Manser Mansfield Manske Manson Mansperger Mantei Mantz Manues Manus Manwarring Manz Mapes Maple Maples Marah Marberry Marbery Marbury Marcee Marchand Marchbank Marchland Marcrum Mardini Margreiter Margulis Marikos Marino Marinus Marion Market Markham Markl Markland/a> Marko Marks Marlar Marlatt Marler Marlett Marlin Marlow Marmon Marnie Maroon Marquart Marquette Marquis Marr Marrah Marratt Marrill Marriott Marsalek Marsden Marsh Marshall Marten Martin Martindale Martine Martinez Martuzzo Marty Martz Marvin Marx Marxer Mascher Masengill Mash Mason Massey Massie Massiongale Masson Massoth Mast Masters Masterson Mastin Matan Matchell Mathas Matheis Mathenia Matheny Mather Mathes Mathews Mathey Mathias Mathis Matkin Matkins Matlock Matsler Matt Matthai Matthes Matthews Mattingly Mattison Mattox Matzker Mauk Maul Maulding Mauller Maupin Maurer Maurice Maus Mauser Mauze Mauzy Mavity Max Maxey Maxfield Maxson Maxwell May Mayberry Mayer Mayerhoffer Mayes Mayfield Mayhall Mayhugh Maynard Mayo Mayor Mays Mazdra Maze

McAdams McAfee McAlexander McAlister McAllister McAntire McArthur McAtee McAvoy

McBee McBride McBrien McBroom

McCabe McCain McCaleb McCalister McCall McCallister McCallum McCalmon McCane McCann McCarcer McCarron McCarthy McCarty McCarver McCaul McCauley McCaulla McChesney McClaflin McClain McClanahan McClanahand McClane McClanhan McClard McClarney McClary McClaskey McCleanhan McCleery McCleese McClellan McClelland McClenahan McClennahan McClendon McClinch McClintick McClintock McCleod McCloud McClung McClure McClymont McColloch McCollum McComber McCombs McConnel McConnell McCook McCord McCork McCorkle McCormack McCormic McCormick McCosh McCourtney McCoun McCown McCoy McCrary McCready McCreary McCreery McCrocklin McCrorey McCubbins McCue McCulley McCulloch McCullough McCully McCune McCurdy McCutcheon

McDade McDanald McDaniel McDaniels McDavid McDermed McDermott McDole McDonald McDonnald McDonnell McDonnold McDonough McDougal McDougall McDow McDowell McDuff McDuffee McDuffie

McElheny McElrath McElroy McElvain McElya McEntire McEuen McEwen McEwing

McFadden McFaddin McFall McFalls McFarland McFarron

McGahan McGee McGehee McGennis McGeorge McGhee McGill McGinnis McGlasson McGough McGown McGrael McGrane McGrath McGraw McGready McGregor McGuerty McGuffey McGuire

McHaney McHargue McHawes McHenry McHugh

McIlrath McIlvoy McInnis McIntyre McIver McIvor

McKamey McKay McKechnie McKee McKeehan McKeen McKeever McKelvey McKenna McKenney McKennon McKenzie McKeon McKie McKim McKinley McKinney McKinnis McKinnon McKinstry McKittrick McKnight

McLain McLane McLard McLaren McLarney McLaughlin McLaurin McLean McLeod McLeskey

McMahan McMahon McMasters McMeans McMechan McMenomy McMillan McMillen McMillian McMinn McMonigle McMullin McMunn McMurphy McMurry McMurtrey McMurtry McMurty

McNabb McNail McNamara McNamee McNeal McNealy McNeary McNece McNeese McNeil McNeill McNeilly McNelly McNew McNichols McNorton McNutt

McPhee McPherson McPike

McQuary McQuay

McRae McRaven McReynolds McRill


McTearnen McTeer McTiernan

McVay McVey McVicker

McWilliams McWorthy

Mead Meade Meador Meadows Meagher Means Mearseal Meatte Mecey Mechele Mechelhoff Mechling Medcalf Medder Meder Medley Medlock Meecey Meecy Meehan Meek Meeker Meeks Meese Meesey Mefford Mehner Mehrle Mehrtens Meier Meinburg Meinhardt Meiseman Meisenheimer Meiser Meisser Meister Melander Melbourne Melcher Melin Melinko Melise Melkowski Melkus Mell Mellen Mellgren Mellis Meloche Melone Melott Meloy Melson Melton Menamin Menard Menckel Mendenhall Menees Meng Menge Mengel Menges Menolascino Menteer Mentink Menzel Meppiel Mercer Mercier Mercille Mercurio Meredith Meren Mergentheimer Merget Merie Merideith Merifield Merkel Merker Merlotti Merratt Merrel Merrell Merret Merrill Merriman Merritt Merryman Merseal Mertell Mesey Message Messec Messer Messex Messey Messinger Messmer Mestemach Mestemacher Mester Mestres Metcalf Metz Metzger Mewmaw Meyer Meyermann Meyers Mezey

Micallef Micenheimer Michael Michaud Michel Michele Michler Mick Micka Micke Middendorf Middleton Midgett Midyett Miehik Mierisch Miesner Miessel Miget Migett Migliore Mihlfeld Miinch Mikat Mikel Mikelas Mikesell Milam Milburn Milder Milene Miles Milfeld Miller Millering Milleson Millett Millican Milligan Millikan Million Millman Millner Mills Millstead Milne Milner Miloradovich Miloro Min Minardi Mince Mincher Miner Miniea Mink Minkel Minker Minkler Minks Minner Minnerly Minnich Minnick Minnig Minor Minson Minter Mintner Minton Minx Minzes Miodunski Mira Mirgaux Mis Mischke Misfeldt Mishler Mispagel Missey Misturak Misuraca Mitchell Mitts Mizelle Mizner

Moak Mobbs Mobley Mock Mockbee Modrosic Moebes Moebius Moebus Moeckel Moegle Moehlman Moehring Moeller Moffett Mofield Mofris Mohan Mohl Mohr Mohrer Moiser Molens Molinari Moll Mollica Molly Momot Mondale Monday Mondina Mongerson Monia Monie Monnig Monning Monroe Monteath Montgomery Monti Monton Moodestaw Moody Moon Mooney Moore Mooring Moorman Moormann Moose Moran Moranville Moraty Mordhorst Moreau Morehouse Moreland Morey Morgan Morgansteen Morgenthaler Morgner Morice Moritz Morlan Morlan Morlen Morovic Morphis Morre Morrell Morrey Morris Morrison Morrow Morton Moser Moses Mosey Mosgrove Mosher Mosier Mosir Moskowitz Mosley Moss Mossberger Mossman Mosteller Mostiller Mothershead Motley Motsch Motsinger Moulton Mounce Mount Mountford Mounts Mouser Moutray Mowery Mowry Moxey Moyer Moyers Moynihan

Mrazek Mreen

Mucho Mudd Mudge Muehlenbeck Mueller Muellersman Muelln Muench Muessemeyer Muessig Muetzelfeld Muich Muir Mulcahy Mulkey Mull Mullaney Mullen Mullersman Mullersmann Mullinax Mullins Mullison Mumberger Mumma Muncy Mund Munderich Mundwiller Mungenast Munger Mungle Munro Munroe Munsch Munsell Munton Muray Murch Murdick Murdock Murghy Muriel Murken Murphy Murray Murrell Murrill Murrin Murry Muse Musgraves Musgrove Murta Mutrux

Myeburger Myer Myers Myler Myres Myrick

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