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We would like to say a big Thank You to:
The Farmington Public Library for letting us scan obits for the web site (and for continuing to send them in). and all the library volunteers.
Most of the Obits are Clippings from area newspapers given to the Library and us by the families and friends of the deceased.
We would also like to thank Gena M Tindall Beal for the Bert Leonard Beal Archives collection.
The St. Francois County Historical Society for their contributions.
The Cape Girardeau Genealogical Society for their contribution of obits from Southeast Missouri counties
(e.g.,Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott, Stoddard and Wayne).
All the nice folks from Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, St.Francois, Ste.Genevieve, St.Louis and Washington Counties,
of Missouri for their contributions.
But most of all the families and friends of the deceased.
The information in the obituaries was not written by us.If you have reason to doubt the information in an obituary,
or want to add information, please let us know.

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Cable Caby Cade Cadenhead Cadwell Cady Cage Cagle Cahan Cahill Cahoon Cain Caine Caito Calahan Caldwell Calendi Caler Calhoun Calkins Call Callahan Callanan Callaway Callier Calliott Calliotte Callis Callison Calloway Callus Calman Calton Calvert Calvin Calvird Cambron Camden Cameron Camien Camill Camillo Caminero Camp Campanelli Campbell Campfield Campise Campo Canada Cancelada Candelaria Candler Cane Canepa Cannady Cannedy Cannell Canning Cannon Canter Canterberry Cantor Cantrell Cantwell Cape Capps Caracci Carberry Carden Cardona Cardwell Carey Carignan Caringer Carion Caristo Carl Carleton Carlisle Carlo Carlson Carlton Carlyle Carlyon Carmack Carmer Carmichael Carnahan Carnes Carney Carnill Carnine Carpenter Carr Carrico Carrington Carrizalez Carroll Carron Carrow Carson Cartee Carter Cartlemy Cartwright Carty Caruthers Carver Cary Carylon Casby Case Casebolt Casey Cash Cashion Caskanett Cason Casper Cass Cassaday Cassell Cassiday Cassidy Cassoutt Casswell Castanie Castanis Casteel Castens Caster Castile Castillo Castle Castleman Castor Castulik Cates Cathcart Catlett Cato Cauley Caulfield Caulty Causey Cavanaugh Cavenah Cavicchia Caviecy Cavin Caviness Cavins Cawood Cawley Cayce Cazaux

Cease Cebe Cecil Cedarburg Cedeck Celes Center Cepicky Cerny Certa Cervinka

Chackes Chadborne Chadbourne Chadwell Chadwick Chaffin Chalk Chamberlain Chamberlin Chambers Champaign Champion Chandler Chaney Chapel Chapis Chaplin Chapman Chappell Chappelle Chappius Chappue Chaptman Charboneau Chardin Charles Charleville Charlton Chartrand Chartrau Chase Chastain Chasteen Chatfield Chatman Chauncey Chavez Chazelle Cheatham Cheek Cheesebrough Chenowerth Chenoweth Chenowith Chenoworth Chernich Cherry Chervenak Chesley Chessey Chester Chewning Chiapel Chidster Childers Childres Childress Chiles Chilton Chinn Chipman Chirco Chism Chisum Chittenden Chittiden Chitty Chitwood Choate Chomyk Chong Chostner Chotrow Chott Chrenka Chrisco Chrismer Christ Christenson Christeson Christian Christmann Christoff Christoph Christopher Christy Chronister Chrostowski Chuler Chumly Churan Church Churchill

Ciliberto Cilley Cima Cisneros Cissell Civey

Clampitt Clancy Claney Clanin Clanton Clapp Clardy Clare Clark Clarke Clarkson Claspille Classen Claunch Clauser Claussen Clavon Clay Clayborne Clayton Claywell Cleaves Cleek Cleland Clemans Clemens Clement Clements Clemions Clemison Clemmons Clemonds Clemons Clemytes Clendenin Clerc Cleve Cleveland Clevenger Clever Clevlen Cliburn Click Clifford Clifton Clim Cline Clinger Clinton Clippard Cloin Cloninger Clonts Clopper Close Clotfelter Cloud Clouse Clouser Clover Club Clubb Clubbs Cluny Cluster Clymer

Coad Coakley Coale Coats Cobb Cobble Cobbs Cober Coble Cochran Cochron Cochrum Cockerham Cockrell Cockrum Cocks Coe Coester Cofer Coffel Coffelt Coffer Coffey Coffield Coffman Coggins Coghill Cogswell Cohen Cohoon Coke Coker Cokley Colbaugh Colbert Colburn Colcher Cole Cole-Zahwa Colegrove Coleman Coley Colin Collaher Collar Collett Collier Collins Colman Colson Colston Colten Colter Colvile Colvin Colwell Colyott Comber Combs Comer Comfort Commerford Comparato Compion Compton Comstock Comte Conard Conaway Concialdi Conghlin Conger Congleton Conklin Conley Conn Connaway Connell Connelly Connely Conner Connor Conover Conrad Conrey Constance Constant Conter Converse Conway Conyers Conzelman Coogan Cook Cooke Cookie Cooksey Cookson Coolbaugh Cooley Coolidge Coon Coonce Coonfield Cooper Cootes Cope Copeland Copher Coplin Coppedge Copper Corben Corcoran Cordell Corder Cordes Cordia Cordingly Corgan Corken Corlee Corless Cornell Cornish Cornman Corno Cornwall Corry Corter Cortor Corum Corwine Corzine Cosby Cosgrove Costa Costello Costephens Costley Cotham Cotner Cotta Cottam Cotton Cottongim Cottrell Couch Coughlin Coultas Coulter Counsell Counsil Counts Coursin Courtaway Courtney Courtois Courtoise Courtouise Courtway Courtwright Cousland Couzens Cover Covert Covington Cowan Cowell Cowen Cowin Cowley Cowsert Cox Coxey Coxwell Coy Coyle Coyne Cozart Cozby Cozean Cozort

Crabdree Crabtree Crackel Craddick Craddock Crader Crady Craft Crafton Craggett Craig Crain Cramp Crandall Crane Crank Crannick Crapo Crase Crattick Cravatt Cravens Crawford Creagh Creason Crecelius Creech Crecelius Creecy Creed Creegan Creeglon Creel Creeley Creely Creggan Creglow Creigh Cremer Crenshaw Crepps Cresswell Crews Crice Crider Crippen Crippin Crisler Crisman Crismon Crisp Crissell Crites Criteser Crocker Crockett Crockrell Croke Crome Cromer Cronbaugh Cronin Crosby Cross Crossen Crosser Crossland Crossley Crosslin Crossman Crosswhite Crostic Crouch Crow Crowder Crowe Crowell Crowley Crull Crum Crumbaker Crumbliss Crump Cruncleton Cruse Crutcher Cruz

Cudd Cuddy Cuellar Culberton Culbertson Cull Culley Cully Culp Culper Culton Culwell Cumberland Cummings Cummins Cummiskey Cundiff Cunio Cunningham Cunyan Cupler Cuppett Cupples Curdt Cureton Curlee Curnutte Curran Curren Currington Curry Curtin Curtis Cury Cushind Cushing Custer Cutler



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