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We would like to say a big Thank You to:
The Farmington Public Library for letting us scan obits for the web site (and for continuing to send them in). and all the library volunteers.
Most of the Obits are Clippings from area newspapers given to the Library and us by the families and friends of the deceased.
We would also like to thank Gena M Tindall Beal for the Bert Leonard Beal Archives collection.
The St. Francois County Historical Society for their contributions.
The Cape Girardeau Genealogical Society for their contribution of obits from Southeast Missouri counties
(e.g.,Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott, Stoddard and Wayne).
All the nice folks from Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, St.Francois, Ste.Genevieve, St.Louis and Washington Counties,
of Missouri for their contributions.
But most of all the families and friends of the deceased.
The information in the obituaries was not written by us.If you have reason to doubt the information in an obituary,
or want to add information, please let us know.

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Rabaduex Raby Race Racer Rackovan Radcliffe Raddatz Radford Radike Radle Rae Raebel Rael Raey Rafferty Ragan Raggo Ragland Raglin Ragsdale Rails Raines Rainey Rains Rall Ralph Ralston Rambert Rambo Ramer Ramey Ramo Ramos Ramsey Ramson Rand Randall Randazzo Randey Randick Randol Randolph Raney Rangel Rankins Ranney Ransdell Ransom Rapa Rapert Rapien Rapp Rariden Rasch Rasche Rasnic Rasnick Rasnit Rasor Ratcliff Rathouz Ratley Ratliff Ratty Rau Rauch Raue Raugh Rauh Rauls Rauth Ravenscraft Rawe Rawlings Rawlins Rawson Ray Rayfield Rayl Raymer Raymo Raymond Rayoum Razor

Reading Ready Reagan Ream Reames Reams Reando Reany Rearden Reary Reaves Reavis Reay Reber Rebura Recar Recker Recine Recor Rector Redd Redden Reddick Reddin Reddington Redfern Redfield Redford Redhage Redman Redmon Redmond Reece Reech Reecht Reed Reeder Reedy Reents Rees Reese Reetz Reever Reeves Reezoff Regnaiere Rehers Rehg Rehkemper Rehkop Rehm Rehme Rehn Rehwinkel Reich Reichenberg Reichert Reichman Reid Reidt Reif Reiling Reiman Reimler Reinagel Reinecke Reiner Reinhard Reinhardt Reinhart Reinhold Reinken Reisch Reisner Reissing Reiter Reither Reitz Relfe Remmert Remshardt Remstedt Remtnert Renault Rencehausen Rendler Renfro Renick Renkel Renna Rennaux Rennick Rennie Rennolds Reno Renshaw Rentfro Renth Renwick Renz Repa Repp Reppa Reppy Rese Resinger Restle Rethmeyer Retornaz Retzer Reuter Revelle Reves Revoir Revus Rewak Rexroth Rey Reyburn Reynierse Reynolds

Rhea Rheilly Rhein Rhine Rhineberger Rhinehart Rhives Rhoades Rhoads Rhodes Rhone Rhorer Rhoton

Rian Ribak Ribinson Ricalde Rice Rich Richard Richards Richardson Richars Richart Richeson Richey Richmond Richter Rick Rickard Ricker Rickerson Ricketts Rickman Rickmar Rickner Rickus Riddle Riddles Riden Ridener Ridenhour Ridenour Rider Ridge Ridgley Ridgway Riding Ridings Ridley Ridlon Riebel Riedell Riedinger Rieffer Riegerix Riehl Riekemann Rieker Riel Riemann Ries Rieser Riesner Riess Rifenburg Riffle Rigdon Rigeisen Rigel Riggins Riggs Rigsbee Riley Rimert Rimmer Rinehart Rinewalt Riney Ring Ringeisen Ringer Ringhofer Ringo Ringwald Rinke Rinkenberger Rion Riordan Rippon Risener Risher Risili Risinger Risner Rist Rister Ritcher Ritchey Ritchhart Ritchie Ritenour Ritter Ritterbusch Ritz Rivers

Roach Roan Roark Robards Robare Robart Robb Robben Robbins Robbs Roberds Roberson Roberts Robertson Robey Robinett Robinette Robins Robinson Robison Robnett Roche Rock Roddy Rode Rodehaver Rodenbeck Rodenberg Rodenburg Roderick Roderique Roderman Rodgers Rodriguez Rodriques Rodriquez Roe Roebber Roed Roeder Roegner Roehrs Roesch Roesner Roettger Roff Roganish Rogers Rogge Rohan Rohlander Rohlfing Rohlman Rohrbach Rohrbacker Rohrer Rohs Rokan Rokiski Rokosky Rola Roland Rolens Rolf Rollberg Rollens Rolling Rollings Rollins Romburg Romeiser Romero Romine Romines Rommelman Romro Ronald Ronda Rone Roney Rongey Ronquest Ronsick Rook Roome Roop Roos Root Ropelle Roper Rorie Rosa Rosasco Rosborough Rosch Rose Roseberg Roseberry Roseman Rosen Rosenbaum Rosenberg Rosenburg Rosencrants Rosener Rosenstengel Rosentreter Rosevink Rosewell Rosi Roskowske Rosner Ross Rossell Rosser Rost Roth Rothensteiner Rothlisberger Rothrock Rothwell Rottger Rottler Roubidoux Rouggley Rouggly Rounds Rousan Rouse Roussan Roussin Roustio Routt Roux Rovane Rovner Row Rowark Rowden Rowe Rowland Roy Royer Rozier

Rubelmann Rubenacker Ruble Rubottom Ruby Rucker Rudel Rudland Rudloff Rudolph Rudulph Rudy Ruebel Ruehling Ruemmler Ruesing Ruessing Rueter Ruether Ruetz Rueve Ruff Ruffin Ruffing Ruffino Ruffner Ruga Ruh Rulo Rumburg Rummel Rumpell Rundel Rundell Runnels Runyan Runyon Rupkey Rupp Ruprecht Rush Rushing Russ Russell Russom Rusteberg Rustin Ruth Rutherford Rutledge Rutter Ruwwe

Ryal Ryals Ryan Ryckman Ryden Ryder Ryerson Ryffel

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