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We would like to say a big Thank You to:
The Farmington Public Library for letting us scan obits for the web site (and for continuing to send them in). and all the library volunteers.
Most of the Obits are Clippings from area newspapers given to the Library and us by the families and friends of the deceased.
We would also like to thank Gena M Tindall Beal for the Bert Leonard Beal Archives collection.
The St. Francois County Historical Society for their contributions.
The Cape Girardeau Genealogical Society for their contribution of obits from Southeast Missouri counties
(e.g.,Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott, Stoddard and Wayne).
All the nice folks from Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, St.Francois, Ste.Genevieve, St.Louis and Washington Counties,
of Missouri for their contributions.
But most of all the families and friends of the deceased.
The information in the obituaries was not written by us.If you have reason to doubt the information in an obituary,
or want to add information, please let us know.

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Babb Babbitt Babcock Babel Babiak Bable Bach Bachek Bachesta Bachista Bachman Bachmann Backan Backer Backler Backof Backues Backy Bacon Baddour Bade Bader Badger Badgley Badino Baechle Baecker Baer Baeser Bagby Bage Bagley Bagwell Bagy Bahan Bahr Baiar Baier Bailey Bain Bainter Bair Baird Baisch Bakan Baker Bakewell Bakk Balch Baldridge Baldwin Bales Balk Ball Ballantine Ballard Ballew Ballhause Ballmann Balmer Baltz Bamer Bammann Bamvakais Banderman Bandy Bane Banes Bange Bangert Baniak Banister Banks Banning Bannister Bannon Banta Baranovic Barban Barbarick Barbeau Barbee Barber Barbey Barbier Barbour Barbro Barby Barchus Barciszewski Barclay Barcliff Bardle Bardot Barebo Baremore Bargen Barger Barham Barkau Barker Barklage Barkley Barks Barlett Barlow Barmeier Barnard Barneko Barner Barnes Barnett Barnette Barney Barnfield Barnhart Barnhill Barnhouse Barnicle Barnidge Barns Barr Barrale Barren Barrett Barrios Barro Barroll Barron Barrow Barry Barshow Bartch Bartel Bartels Barth Bartholomees Bartholomew Bartin Bartinikas Bartl Bartle Bartlett Bartley Bartlow Bartnicky Barton Barton/Summers Bartoo Bartram Bartunek Barwick Barwig Basden Basham Basil Baskerville Basler Bass Baster Batchelor Bateman Bates Batson Batten Battle Battles Batton Battreal Batts Baty Baue Bauer Baugh Baugher Baughman Baughmen Baughn Baum Bauman Baumann Baumbach Baumer Baumgarth Baumgartner Baumstark Baur Bausch Bax Baxter Bay Bayer Bayles Bayless Bayliss Baynes Bays Bazzell

Beabout Beach Beachler Beadle Beagle Beaird Beakler Beakley Beal Beale Beam Beama Beamer Beamon Bean Beanblossom Beans Bear Beard Bearden Beardon Beardslee Beardsley Beare Beasley Beatrice Beatt Beatte Beattie Beatty Beaty Beauchaine Beauchamp Beaudette Beaubien Beaubin Beauvais Beave Beaver Beavers Bebee Bechard Bechler Bechtel Bechter Bechtold Beck Beckemeyer Becker Beckerle Beckerman Beckermann Beckett Beckham Beckler Beckman Beckmann Beckmeyer Beckwar Beckwith Becquette Bedwell Beebout Beedie Beeler Beeman Been Beerhalter Beers Beeson Beeve Beezley Beffa Behen Behle Behr Behrends Behrens Behring Beisbarth Beiseman Beiser Bekett Belanger Belbeck Belcher Belden Belew Belfield Belford Belken Belkin Belknap Belko Bell Bellah Bellamy Bellefontaine Beller Belleville Bellew Bellfi Bellinger Bellington Bellis Bellm Bellmann Bellon Belmar Bellovich Below Belt Beltrami Beltz Belvins Bement Bemis Benage Bender Bendorf Benear Beneau Benedict Benfield Benham Benischek Benko Benkouch Benne Bennet Bennett Bennick Bennink Benns Beno Benoist Benoit Benscoter Benson Bentinganan Bentley Benton Bentrup Bentz Benz Benzick Bequerre Bequet Bequett Bequette BeQuette Beran Beranek Berberich Berding Bereitschaft Berend Bereniski Berg Bergen Berger Bergeson Berghaus Berghoefer Berghold Bergman Bergmann Bergmeyer Bergner Bergsten Berini Berk Berkel Berkeley Berkley Bernard Berne Berneking Bernell Berner Berney Bernhardt Bernier Bernstein Berry Berryman Bertel Bertelsmeier Berthold Berti Bertram Bertschi Berwanger Besand Besanson Besel Besenger Besher Bess Bessinger Besson Best Beste Bestlin Bethea Bethel Bethke Betke Betson Betten Bettenmann Bettis Betts Beucke Beussink Bevier Bevirt Bey Beyatt Beydler Beyersdofer Beyrels

Biancardi Bianco Bibb Bible Bice Bick Bicker Bickerstaff Bidwell Bieber Biederman Biedermann Bieg Biehl Biehle Bieller Bierman Biersdorff Biesemeyer Bieser Biesselier Biesslier Biffle Bigaby Bigbee Biggerstaff Biggins Biggs Bigham Bilbrey Bilderback Biles Bilharz Bilheimer Billedo Billings Billingsley Billington Billmer Binder Bingaman Binger Bingham Bins Birchall Bircher Bird Birdnow Birdsell Biri Birk Birke Birkenstok Birlenmeier Birner Birr Birtley Bisby Bisch Bischler Bise Bisher Bishop Bisplinghoff Bissonnette Bitch Bittick Bittner Bivens Bivins Bixby Bixler Bizot


Black Blackburn Blackledge Blackman Blacksher Blackwell Blackwood Bladdick Blades Blagg Blaine Blair Blake Blanchfield Bland Blandford Blanford Blank Blankenship Blanks Blanton Blatz Blaylock Blazer Blechle Bleckler Bledsoe Blemel Blessen Blevins Blickem Blind Blisplinghoff Bliss Block Blocker Blodgett Bloecher Blom Blomeier Blomeyer Blomker Blood Bloodworth Bloom Bloomberg Bloomer Blore Blount Blow Blucker Blue Blum Blumenberg Blumenhorst Blumer Blunt Blyze

Boardman Boarman Boas Boatright Boatwright Bobbett Bobbitt Bobeen Bobo Boborosky Bochert Bockenkamp Bockholdt Boczek Bode Boden Bodenhamer Bodenschatz Bodimer Bodine Body Boedefeld Boeger Boehle Boehm Boehn Boehr Boekemeyer Boellini Boen Boersig Boesing Boettcher Boevingloh Bogard Bogel Boggeman Boggess Bogy Bohannon Bohenkamp Bohling Bohman Bohn Bohnenkamp Bohnert Bohr Bohs Boice Boid Boies Boischel Boisslier Boland Bolden Boldwyn Bolen Boley Bolger Bolin Boling Boll Bolling Bollinger Bollman Bolon Bolton Bolyard Bombaci Bonacker Bond Bonds Bondurick Bone Bonham Bonifielf Bonnarens Bonnel Bonnell Bonner Bonney Bono Bonomo Booher Booker Bookholtz Boone Boord Boos Booten Booth Boothby Boothe Borchers Borcherts Borders Boren Borg Borgfeld Borgers Boring Borjas Borman Borns Borreson Bortles Boschert Boseing Bost Boster Boston Boswell Botkin Bottomley Bouchard Boucherie Bouckaert Boughton Boulch Boulware Bounds Bourbon Bourgeois Bourisaw Bourne Bourroughs Bouse Boushie Boushon Bouyea Bova Boverie Bowden Bowen Bowers Bowler Bowles Bowling Bowman Bowyer Box Boxdoffer Boxdorfer Boxx Boyce Boyd Boyer Boyer-Beyer Boyet Boyle Boyles Boyster

Bracher Brackett Brackman Braddy Braden Bradfield Bradfoot Bradford Bradham Bradley Bradshaw Bradstreet Brady Bragg Braham Brake Brakefield Bralley Bramhall Brammer Branam Bran Brananam Branaugh Branch Brand Brandel Brandenburg Brandhoefer Brandhorst Brandon Brands Brandt Branham Braning Brann Brannam Brannon Brannum Branon Branson Branum Brase Brasher Brashier Braswell Bratberg Bratch Bratcher Bratton Brauer Braun Brauns Brawley Braxton Bray Brazel Breakfield Brecht Breck Breckenridge Breece Breeden Breeding Breedlove Breen Breese Bregant Breidenbach Breier Breitenstein Breitbard Bremehr Bremicker Bremner Bremser Brendel Brengard Brenizer Brenke Brennan Brennecke Brenneke Brennell Brenon Brensing Brent Bresland Bresler Bressie Bretz Breuer Brewen Brewer Brewington Brewster Breyer Brice Brickey Bridge Bridgeforth Bridgeman Bridger Bridges Bridget Bridgewater Bridgman Bridwell Brier Briesacher Brigance Briggs Brightwell Briley Brill Brillhart Brim Brimm Brink Brinkley Brinkmann Brinley Brischle Briscoe Brisko Bristol Brite Britt Britten Britton Britzke Brnes Brnett Broadfoot Broadhead Broadley Brock Brockelmeyer Brockes Brockman Brockmeier Brockmeyer Brockmiller Brockmire Brod Brodak Broedy Broeker Brokenshire Broker Bromley Bromme Bronk Brookes Brooks Brookshier Brookshire Broombaugh Broomfield Brophy Brotherton Brouk Browdy Brower Browers Brown Browne Browning Brownlee Broyles Bruce Brucker Bruckerhoff Brueckner Bruff Brueggemann Brueschke Bruett Brugnone Bruhl Brumbaugh Brumfield Brumitt Brummel Brummet Brundege Brundick Brune Bruner Brunetti Brunk Brunkhorst Bruns Brunsman Brunsmann Brush Bruske Brutcher Bruyere Bryan Bryant Bryar Bryson

Bub Buban Buch Buchanan Buchannon Buchek Bucher Buchheit Buchholz Buchingham Buck Buckingham Buckley Buckner Bucksey Budack Budde Buechting Buehl Buehler Bueker Buerke Buese Buesking Buff Buffington Bufford Bufka Buford Bugg Buggs Buhler Buhlinger Buholzer Buhrmester Buker Bukowsky Bull Bullis Bullman Bullock Bulna Bulno Bumpas Bunch Buneta Bunker Bunselmeier Bunt Bunta Bunte Bunting Bunton Bunyard Buras Burbank Burch Burcham Burchard Burchett Burdick Buren Burford Burg Burgan Burge Burgee Burger Burgert Burgess Burghard Burgoon Burk Burke Burkert Burkett Burkhalter Burkhardt Burkhart Burks Burlbaugh Burlbaw Burle Burleyson Burmaster Burne Burner Burnett Burnette Burnham Burnia Burnley Burns Burnside Burough Burpo Burr Burridge Burris Burrow Burrus Bursac Burt Burton Busbey Busby Busch Busche Buscher Busenbark Busenberg Busenburg Bush Bushnell Buskuehl Buslek Buss Busselman Bust Buster Butchko Buth Butler Butrum Butterfield Buttny Buttrey Butts Buxton Buyat Buzbee

Byard Byas Byasee Bye Byers Byington Bynum Byrd Byrne Byrns Byron Byrum

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