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We would like to say a big Thank You to:
The Farmington Public Library for letting us scan obits for the web site (and for continuing to send them in). and all the library volunteers.
Most of the Obits are Clippings from area newspapers given to the Library and us by the families and friends of the deceased.
We would also like to thank Gena M Tindall Beal for the Bert Leonard Beal Archives collection.
The St. Francois County Historical Society for their contributions.
The Cape Girardeau Genealogical Society for their contribution of obits from Southeast Missouri counties
(e.g.,Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Scott, Stoddard and Wayne).
All the nice folks from Iron, Jefferson, Madison, Perry, St.Francois, Ste.Genevieve, St.Louis and Washington Counties,
of Missouri for their contributions.
But most of all the families and friends of the deceased.
The information in the obituaries was not written by us.If you have reason to doubt the information in an obituary,
or want to add information, please let us know.

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Haack Haag Haaland Haas Haase Habedank Hable Hacker Hackett Hackley Hackman Hackmann Hackney Hackworth Hadaller Haden Haderlein Hadler Hadley Haefner Haegele Haertling Haeuser Hafer Haffer Haffey Hafley Hafner Hagan Hagedorn Hagemann Hagemeyer Hagen Hagendorff Hager Hagermann Hagert Hagerty Haggard Haggerty Haggett Hagood Haguewood Hahl Hahlweg Hahn Hahne Hahner Hahs Haight Hail Haile Hailley Hails Haire Hairer Hake Hakemeier Hakes Halbeck Halberstadt Halbert Halbrook Halcomb Haldaman Hale Hales Haley Halfaker Halford Halim Halk Hall Hallauer Hallenback Hallerberg Halley Hallmark Hallock Halloran Halmick Halpin Halsey Halstead Halter Haltom Halton Ham Haman Hambey Hamblen Hamblin Hambrick Hambry Hamby Hamel Hamelback Hamer Hamilton Hamlet Hamlett Hamlin Hamm Hammack Hamman Hammer Hammerle Hammers Hammett Hammock Hammond Hammonds Hammons Hammontree Hammor Hammors Hamor Hamors Hampel Hampson Hampton Hamrick Hana Hance Hancock Hancy Hand Handcock Handlang Handley Handrahan Handshy Handy Hanea Hanebery Hanebrink Haney Hanger Hankins Hanks Hanley Hanna Hannah Hanneken Hanneman Hanner Hanners Hannon Hans Hansard Hansbrough Hanschen Hansel Hansen Hanson Hansson Hantak Hao Hapgood Happe Happel Happold Harago Harbert Harbinson Harbison Harbold Harbour Hard Harder Hardester Hardesty Hardgrave Hardie Hardiman Hardin Harding Hardt Hardwick Hardy Hare Harenburg Harer Harfmann Hargis Hargiss Hargrave Hargrove Hargrow Harian Haring Harkey Harkins Harlan Harles Harling Harlkins Harman Harmon Harms Harness Harp Harper Harpole Harpster Harr Harralson Harrell Harrelson Harrigan Harriman Harrington Harris Harrison Harry Harshaw Harston Hart Hartenberger Harter Hartey Hartinger Hartle Hartley Hartman Hartmann Hartnagel Hartnett Hartrup Hartsell Hartshorn Hartson Harttung Hartung Hartupee Hartwein Hartwick Harty Hartzel Hartzell Harvell Harvey Harvill Harwood Hase Haselhorst Haskin Hasse Hassel Hassell Hassenger Hassler Hasten Hasting Hastings Hasty Hatch Hatcher Hatchett Hatfield Hathaway Hatridge Hatton Hauck Haug Haukap Haulcroft Haupt Hauschild Hause Hausermann Hausgen Haven Havener Havens Haverstick Havlik Havniear Haw Hawes Hawk Hawkes Hawkins Hawkinson Hawks Hawley Hawlins Hawn Haworth Hawthorn Hawthorne Hay Hayden Hayes Hayman Haynes Hays Haywood Hazelett Hazlett Hazlitt

Heacock Head Heads Heady Heagy Healy Heaps Heard Hearle Hearst Heath Heatherly Heaton Heavel Hebblethwaite Heberlie Heck Heckel Hecker Heddy Hederman Hedgcoth Hedge Hedgecorth Hedger Hedicke Hedley Hedquist Hedrick Hedricks Heeney Heermann Heeter Hefele Heffernan Heffron Heflin Hefner Heggenmeier Hehl Hehner Heidbrink Heidebur Heidenfelder Heidenreich Heider Heidleburg Heier Heifner Heil Heiland Heilig Heimburger Heimrich Heine Heineichs Heinemann Heiner Heiney Heinrichs Heiple Heise Heisel Heitman Heitz Heitzler Hejkal Helber Helbig Held Helfenstein Helfrich Hellen Heller Helling Hellmann Hellon Hellwig Hellyer Helm Helmering Helmke Helms Heltibrand Helton Heltzel Helvey Helwig Hemingway Hemker Hemman Hemmann Hemme Hemmelgarn Hemphill Henderlite Henderson Hendon Hendricks Hendrickson Hendrix Henfling Heniser Henk Henkin Henley Henneberry Henneke Henneman Hennemann Hennes Hennick Hennie Hennon Hennrich Henrich Henrick Henroid Henry Henschel Hensen Henslee Hensley Henson Hepfinger Heob Herald Herberlie Herbert Herbig Herbst Hercher Herget Hering Herman Hermann Hermes Hern Hernbrott Herndon Herod Herold Herrell Herren Herrick Herring Herrington Herrmann Herrold Herron Hertel Hertensen Herter Hertlein Hertweck Hertz Herwig Herzinger Herzog Heselton Hesker Heslep Hess Hesse Hesselmeyer Hester Hesterberg Hetherton Hettenhausen Heuduck Heuer Heugel Heuther Hewitt Hewkin Heying Heys

Hiatt Hibbits Hibbitts Hibdon Hibler Hibner Hickam Hickethier Hickman Hickok Hicks Hickson Hifle Higbee Higdon Higginbotham Higgins Higginson Highfill Highley Highly Hight Hightower Hildebrand Hilderbrand Hilderbrandt Hill Hilkemeyer Hill Hillard Hilleman Hillen Hiller Hilliker Hilling Hillis Hillman Hillmann Hilp Hilsabeck Hilse Hilterbrand Himmelberg Himmelmann Hinch Hinchcliff Hinchey Hinck Hindman Hines Hink Hinkebein Hinkle Hinrichs Hinsen Hinson Hinssinger Hinton Hintz Hintze Hinze Hinzpeter Hinzt Hipes Hipsher Hirsch Hirth Hise Hisel Hissem Hitch Hitchcock Hite Hites Hitt Hittson Hitz Hitzeman Hitzman Hively Hixson


Hlatko Hlava Hloben

Hoard Hobaugh Hobbes Hobbs Hobeck Hobein Hoblit Hoblitzelle Hobson Hoch Hochstatter Hock Hockensmith Hocker Hockinghomer Hoctor Hodge Hodges Hodkins Hodson Hoechstenbach Hoef Hoefelmann Hoefeler Hoefer Hoeft Hoehn Hoehne Hoeing Hoelcher Hoelscher Hoelzel Hoemann Hoener Hoepf Hoer Hoerstkamp Hoest Hoff Hoffarth Hoffman Hoffmann Hoffmeister Hoffner Hofmann Hofstetter Hogan Hogenmiller Hohl Hohlt Holbert Holcomb Holden Holder Holdinghausen Holdman Holdmeyer Holekamp Holiday Holifield Holke Holladay Holland Hollandsworth Holle Hollenback Holler Holley Holliday Holligan Hollihan Holling Hollinger Hollingsworth Hollinsworth Hollis Hollland Hollman Hollmann Hollocher Hollock Hollom Holloman Hollow Holloway Holly Holman Holmes Holshouser Holst Holt Holthaus Holtkamp Holtz Holtsclaw Holtzen Holub Holychuk Holzschuh Homan Homfeldt Hommert Honbeck Honea Honerkamp Honey Honeycutt Hood Hoog Hook Hooker Hooks Hooper Hoosier Hooss Hootselle Hoover Hoozer Hope Hopkins Hoppe Hopperton Hopping Hopson Hopwood Horine Horn Hornback Hornbeck Horne Horney Hornick Hornsey Horstman Hort Hortiz Horton Hortshorn Horvat Hosea Hosfeldt Hosick Hoskin Hosier Hosking Hoskings Hoskins Hostetter Hotop Hottle Houck Hough Houk Hounihan House Houseman Houser Housewright Housherr Houska Houston Hovey Hovis How Howard Howarka Howdeshell Howe Howell Howery Howland Howlet Howlett Hoy Hoyt

Hrabovsky Hrach Hradsky Hribernik Hrouda

Hubbard Hubbell Hubbs Huber Hubert Hubertz Hubler Huck Huckaba Hucker Huckie Huckings Huckins Huckstep Huddleston Hudson Huebner Huels Huelsmann Huerner Huett Huey Hufendick Huff Huffman Hufford Huffstutler Hufker Hug Huggins Hughes Hughey Hugon Huhn Huie Huighe Huitt Hulda Hull Hulse Hulsey Hultberg Hults Humes Humm Hummel Hummert Humphrey Humphries Hunada Hunadi Huncovsky Hundhausen Hundley Hunkins Hunkler Hunn Hunsaker Hunt Hunter Hunting Huntley Hunze Hurd Hurley Hursh Hurst Hurt Hurtado Hurtgen Husfield Huskey Huss Husselton Husted Huster Huston Hutcel Hutchen Hutcherson Hutcheson Hutchings Hutchins Hutchinson Hutchison Hutmacher Hutnik Hutschreider Hutson Hutt Hutton Hutzel

Hyams Hyatt Hyde Hyduke Hyler Hylton

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